Where to Look

There are almost too many wonderful places to go when trying to find new books to read. Here are some of my favorite places to look:

  • Award Lists are a great place to get ideas. The Bank Street Library has a particularly robust list of book awards and links to their sites. An especially special rewards list at Bank Street is the Children’s Book Committee, a committee which publishes a “Best Children’s Books of the Year” list in both digital and print form. The list is organized by age and includes blurbs that provide a sense of what the book is about. The Committee’s web page has other useful information too.
  • Book Lists produced by libraries and schools offer wonderful reading suggestions. I especially like the lists on the Bank Street Library website, the International Literacy Association, and the NYPL website.
  • Blogs offer recommendations and reviews of books. They can also serve as a forum for book conversation and community. A Year of Reading and Nerdy Book Club (they also have their own awards lists) are two of my favorites.
  • Podcasts provide are a fun way for children and adults to learn about potential reading materials. Check out Chatting about Books, essentially a book review format, as well as The Guardian’s Children’s Books podcast where leading children’s authors discuss their books.
  • Books address this topic too! In particular, Jim Trelease’s classic, The Read Aloud Handbook, and Pam Allyn’s two books, What to Read When and Best Books for Boys.
  • Websites like GoodReads, Scholastic Book Wizard, and even Amazon can be helpful. When you search for a title on any of these sites, they also yield recommendations of other books that are considered to be similar to the searched title.


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