How to Look

There is no one way to look for great, engaging reading materials for you and your child, but here are a smattering of ideas that might support your book looking:

  • Use what you know about your child to find materials that might speak to him/her. Cookbooks, instructional guides, magazines, comic books, song books, and poetry can all make for engaging reads.
  • What speaks to you? …maybe a book you loved as a child or a topic you care a lot about. Try choosing something that matters deeply to you that you think will also have appeal for your child.
  • Go to the library or book store together – browse and look, getting ideas and talking to each other about what you see and want to read.
  • Be open – your child’s choices are not always going to be your favorite choices.
  • Talk to people who know books – other parents, your child’s friends, librarians, book shop owners, teachers.
  • Talk to your kidsWhat are you reading in school? Has your teacher read anything good? What are you learning about in science (music, art, social studies, etc.)? These conversations are informative and promote connection, but they also offer ideas for reading materials.
  • Have fun!

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