Engaging Reads

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With so many books & reading materials for kids and parents to choose from.. How can we help ourselves in choosing books that will encourage engagement? There is no right way to read with our children.

The goal is to have positive and enjoyable reading experiences with our children.

Here are some ideas about how and where to look for engaging reads!

Do you have other pointers or resources for choosing engaging books? Please comment and share them below.

How to Look

There is no one way to look for great, engaging reading materials for you and your child, but here are a smattering of ideas that might support your book looking: Use what you know about your child to find materials that might speak to him/her. Cookbooks, instructional guides, magazines, comic books, song books, and poetry … Continue reading How to Look

Where to Look

There are almost too many wonderful places to go when trying to find new books to read. Here are some of my favorite places to look: Award Lists are a great place to get ideas. The Bank Street Library has a particularly robust list of book awards and links to their sites. An especially special … Continue reading Where to Look

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