I am Erin Grace Gordon, an elementary school literacy coach and parent of two young children.

I began my elementary school teaching career in the first cohort of New York City Teaching Fellows in the summer of 2000. After a few years teaching in New York City public schools, I took my teaching on the road and spent several years teaching abroad at the American School in London and at the International School of Paris. After five years of incredible work and travel adventures, my husband I returned to the States along with our first child. Since returning to the States, I have worked primarily in Brooklyn, NY in an independent school as a learning specialist and now as a literacy coach, providing professional support and development for my colleagues in reading and writing instruction.

While various work settings always offer new opportunities to learn from and with others, nothing has been a greater source of learning and perspective than my own children. My son, Oliver, (age 8) and daughter, Pennelope, (age 4) inspire me to observe children with greater curiosity and optimism, to listen to what they have to say with more care, and to feel awe at all that they intuitively know and do when given the space and encouragement to do so.

Engaging Backstory

We’ve all seen and maybe even lived images like this one: kids who are so connected to the book(s) they are reading that they go out of their way to sneak in some extra reading time. To those of us who were (or are) like that ourselves, it might resonate with nostalgia or understanding. To … Continue reading Engaging Backstory

Engaging Mission

Families are the first and most consistent reading mentors and supporters for their children, but on our own, we are not nearly so impactful as we can be with the support of each other. Engaging Readers aims to empower families with resources, information, and opportunities for conversation and collaboration so that they can support their … Continue reading Engaging Mission

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