It IS All About Those Books!

I love this video for many reasons. I love that a group of teenagers are so connected to reading that they collaborated with teachers and librarians at their high school to make a video about it. I also love it because the message feels so right.

Sometimes we get stuck into thinking that kids need to be doing all sorts of work when they read. We get stuck in the skills, the performance, the growth we think they should be making. More important than any of these things, however, is that we help our kids find books they want to read and support them to keep on reading.

For some children this is harder than it is for others. The same is true for us as adults. Some of us just naturally find what we want to read with greater ease. Jim Trelease writes about helping kids find their “home run” book, a book that is going to hook them into reading and make them want to come back for more. If our kids haven’t yet had their “home run” reading experience, we need to help them find their way there. This might be in the form of a paper book, or it might be in the form of an audio book. This might be a book that the child reads independently or it might be a book that we read to our child. It really doesn’t matter how it is consumed or what the book is. The really important part is that children experience the connection and feel inclined to keep going back for more.

There are loads of resources (some of which are on this website) to support us in finding books that our kids will love, but we also know a lot as readers and parents ourselves. We can talk to our kids about our own experiences choosing something to read. If we’re having a hard time, what does that feel like and what do you do about it?

It is all about those books… find a good one and keep reading.

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